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May 2015




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May. 2nd, 2015


Sticky: My Blog's Content

I will post about my favourite artistes, shows, rants, thoughts and God in no particular order. I will also post about words that really impact me, because I am a words person. 

To my RL friends: If you have already read a rant, and I try to rant to you again in RL, you can just tell me that you have already read it on my blog. I really don't want to bore you with things you already know.

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Nov. 20th, 2013


Person of Interest 3.09 meta - Spoiler!

A character like Joss Carter dies, and I get reminded about the unfairness of life all over again.

Person of Interest starts out with 4 leads, 3 white males and a woman of colour. Over the past 2.5 seasons, they have developed all 4 characters well, and Joss has especially come into her own, making her own decisions and striking out on her own path. Over the past 2.5 seasons, we have also gained another female lead, who is a person of colour but can pass as white, and a lead female antagonist. These are good.

Joss makes a decision that defines the first half of season 3, and she is being awesome and kicking ass. She is a detective and also a single mother, and she is brilliant at both roles. She has grown in the past few seasons, and her character goes beyond her gender and race. Her character is complex and well-developed, a great role model for women of color who watch TV and see themselves there. In a word, she is fantastic.

But the showrunner made the decision to kill her off. out of the original 4 leads, they chose to kill off the character that is visually a representation for a group of audience. This problem lies beyond just the showrunner. The network that POI is on (CBS) is known for being problematic regarding women. And the whole industry itself is problematic, that there is a lack of such a character like Joss Carter in other shows, that we feel so strongly about her death.

When will it be a time when women don't have to die to further the storyline of white males? White will it be that people of colour don't lose their representation on TV for the sake of drama? I understand if the show's main cast is getting too huge. But they could have promoted her after the solved the big case, put her in protective custody to prevent the fall out, heck, even get shot, but still pull through. But to die? To be doomed to that tragic character never to triumph and be the hero? It is such a waste, such a sense of loss for this wonderful character.

3 white males, and the woman of colour was the one to go. A rich, flavourful character that has captured the heart of many viewers. And a loss of desperately needed visual representation.

This sucks. This really sucks. And it is going to make POI 10x more problematic that it usually is. ARGH.

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Nov. 14th, 2013


"Gravity" and Physics

I wanted to check out if there was an article that could summarise all the physics issues with the movie "Gravity". There wasn't, but there is a few articles that had most issues. So, here are the links (to remember):






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Nov. 3rd, 2013


End of year update

This sem in my final year has pretty much flew past. Many late nights, scrambling to finish an essay. It is still a good semester overall, and the amount of effort I put in for each class is not regretted.

Spent the semester going on a nail craze, a skin care craze, probably some basic jewellery in the future, and maybe Lush.

Just finished up Orphan Black, which was a really interesting series. Watching a couple of TV shows this fall, probably around 7-8. Elementary, White Collar, Person of Interest, Glee, Castle, SHIELD and a few others on and off. Also caught up with with Shingeki no Kyojin.

It's been a task-oriented sem, and of course people get left out. I'm still in contact with the usual suspects, but less so with others.

Still got a month left to go for this sem, and yes terribly still trying to wrap up stuff from last sem overseas. No idea at all how that is going to work out. We'll see, may be delaying graduation for a semester.

Random thought, I want to go to Disneyland in Florida with my friends from JC one day. I bet we'll have lots of fun.

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Apr. 13th, 2013



Welcome to my life in 2008. I was amazed by the gorgeous and wonderful dances produced during season 4 of SYTYCD, and the great couples (Mark and Chelsie, Courtney and Gev, Katee and Joshua) on the show. I was also involved in American Idol fandom and community. This just brings back all the memories from that time.

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Apr. 12th, 2013


Start of the semester

Despite everything, I had a fantastic six weeks before the semester began. I made friends in school, connected to the local Hope church, found a tandem partner and became friends with my neighbours. I was able to see more things than I thought I would, and experience what winter really means. I am now able to appreciate and survive 0-10 degrees Celsius, being thankful that it is not below 0 degrees. It was a really good start to the whole semester, and I love it.

I am lucky to have advanced quickly in my knowledge of German, refreshing my previous knowledge and learning new stuff all at once. I'm having fun in my German class because of that. There are many interesting classes and a few are available in English. The one in German is also sufficiently familiar and interesting that I am able to take it. I am grateful that my prof has given me the permission to both present and write my term paper in English. It is an unexpected gift. I have had many issues with trying to map my modules back, and I will without a doubt have to overload in the coming semester, but I am still looking forward to the semester here.

Today is a good day, and I would like to remember that.

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Apr. 7th, 2013



Maintaining 2 different Tumblr accounts is such a hassle, so might as well just drop an update here.

It's been more than a month since I've been in Germany. The first day was brutal, and the first week was hard. Much harder than I was expecting. The language, the weather, the people. All unyielding things that I had to adapt to. It is relentlessly cold, though it is supposed to be spring.

But I also had a really good time, choosing to be here 6 weeks early. My class, which I dislike being placed at that level, is fun and engaging. We have become friends, some of them close, and I never regret that. It was fun, to be here early and relearn the language. I learn to love the weather in some ways too. But because of the weather, I didn't get as much sight seeing done as I would hope. I spend most of my free time cooped up in my place, and just surfing the web.

I'm starting to build a life here, and getting used to it. There are some things I do regret, not being there for my family, making my academic life harder than it has to be, but being here transforms me in a way that staying in SG would not. I like that, because, I value acquiring skills.

Been reading some young adult novels recently. Trying to make my way through The Fault In Our Stars in German. Read the first book of the Mortal Instruments series and disliked it. Finished the Matched series and found that it was decent. Probably meant for a younger audience. But still better than the Mortal Instruments series in the way the female lead character was treated. Finished the 2 books in the Divergent series, which was interesting, and threw me off because I recognised the street names of Chicago. Fun and interesting, with a good female lead character, though with a tad too much repetitive betrayal that feels as if characters never grow and learn from past mistakes and keep getting trapped in old ones. Still good, and looking forward to the third book.

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Jan. 13th, 2013


Rape culture

"This widespread cultural message could not be clearer: Men’s sexual urges are uncontrollable and therefore not their responsibility. It’s a fairly insulting view of male morality and sexuality, but it’s also one that allows the culture to put the blame for men’s bad (and criminal) behavior on women’s shoulders.

But making women responsible for men’s sexuality isn’t just about excusing rape and sexual harassment. It’s a cultural rule that enforces the idea that this is a man’s world—women just live in it."
- Asking For It

Asking for it.

I hate this phrase. I desperately hate this phrase, so much that it makes me go blind with rage. I cannot even begin to explain what is wrong with this phrase. I hate the commonplace victim blaming, slut shaming and excuses we give for perpetrators' behaviour. I hate the way so many people have accepted this as the norm, that the rhetoric is mired in such ugly language and bias that it is difficult to see the issue objectively.

I dislike that I'm so diplomatic, and I don't just take people by the shoulders and shake them till they see it. Privilege abounds and it sickens me to the core.

And don't even get me started on casual sexism about issues like driving.

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Jan. 12th, 2013



I rarely have time to blog these days. Too many activities going on, and not much time to reflect on things. Many things I want to say around gender, such as victim blaming and stereotypes.

Things going on include research project, work, exchange, hanging out with all different groups of friends and family, committing time to church. 

Trying to find time soon!

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Dec. 8th, 2012



Cool things ongoing. 

Working on research is pretty awesome. It's fun, tiring, but also rewarding. It is honestly putting theory into practice, and realising that theory requires lots of improvising in practice. It has a really interesting topic, and a great grant which means we have more tools at our disposal. What a way to start off being in the research field. Great experience.

Germany visa is on the horizon, and lots of details to catch-up on. Pretty excited to get my admin on. Hopefully all the details will fall into place. Otherwise a world of pain in the butt will develop. LNAT registration is also a go, so have to get that done. German tutor too, so hopefully that will be done real soon. 

Glad to have a bit of time to do individual things as they come along over the next few months, before starting the next semester. 

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